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Writing Me is a self-curated anthology by Canadian writer David Sales. This collection of over 30 personal essays explore writing, home and family, mental health and addiction, and ultimately love.

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Young women and teens are disappearing from Vancouver's streets. Runaways, marginalized, and homeless, their disappearances go unnoticed by police, and only rumors have traveled through the city's street community.

Brad Adams, a weary and troubled youth worker, seeking personal redemption for his ugly past, finds his shaky world turned upside down when he is drawn into the emerging mystery. A chance meeting with an old neighbor from his childhood hometown, Brenda McRae, whose own daughter is missing, forces him to begin asking questions.

Teela Cross, a former CSIS agent, arrives in Vancouver while working her own private case involving another missing girl. The three form an unlikely alliance to unravel the mystery in a race against time to find both missing young women.

Meanwhile, in a strange dungeon, Brenda's daughter, Angel, finds herself trapped and controlled by a man she doesn't know. In order to survive, she must use every skill she's acquired in her short life as she enters into a dangerous psychological game with her captor, who appears to be on a lifelong quest to find and create A PERFECT BRIDE.

Pre-order Available on Amazon - Here  Delivery Date October 3, 2022

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