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TMIr Posts - My 12 Part Self-Talk Series - TALKING MYSELF INTO RECOVERY. These posts are short affirmations drawn from my personal journals. Where applicable, links to journal entries or original posts from my time in recovery are provided at the bottom of the page.

Fear has no place in my recovery.

No matter how scared I may be, fear no longer decides what I do, how I do it, and what I become. Calm and steadfast, I decide.

I know where I am going and fear will not follow.

I will be fearless, and I will recover.

Self-Talk In the Face of Fear.

One of those moments of change for me came when I discovered how much fear had run through my life.

Fear. Fear of everything. Looking back, I saw fear at the helm of every decision I ever made. I wrote about that moment of discovery and how I knew that I hated living in fear. I just couldn't do it any longer.

Like my alcoholism, I had been hiding behind it, using it to keep me safe from a past I wanted desperately to forget. Fear had been slowly killing me, and enough had finally become enough. I became angry... a good angry that ignited a fire of courageous clarity that allowed me to see the true face of the demon in front of me.
Everything shifted in that moment. I understood I would never recover, never heal, or live again if fear ruled my life. To go where I needed to go, there could no longer be fear in my world. I had stared down death... there was nothing left to fear.

When I experience fear taking hold when I am facing decisions in my life, I have found infinite value in engaging in the positive self-talk. This affirmation clarifies that I have already chosen to act without fear and make rational decisions.

Check out Becoming Fearless from my personal recovery journal - October 2019.

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Disclaimer - I base my articles on my own personal experience as a recovering alcoholic and addict. I share about what has helped me, what I have learned about myself, and are to provide insight into my recovery. I encourage anyone struggling with mental health and addiction challenges to consider talking to a professional clinician. You are worth it.